Hospital Design Group (HDG) specialises in healthcare design that puts people’s well-being first.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and the demand for experienced design consultants has never been greater. To responsibly address the needs of patients and the medical personnel who serve them, highly technical architectural and design knowledge is critical. With this in mind, HDG was founded in 2003 by a team of experienced healthcare architects.

HDG soon became established as a leading architectural practice specialising in healthcare design. To date, we have successfully completed more than 70 healthcare commissions, ranging from small rural clinics to large-scale regional and academic hospital complexes.


Our altruistic attitude is at the centre of our thinking. The spaces we create are designed to put patients at ease and to help them heal, and to be practical and comfortable for the healthcare professionals who work within them every day.


At HDG, we understand that people’s sense of well-being is closely connected to their physical senses. Natural light and warm colours, high-quality products and finishes beneath their touch, and minimizing excess sound, helps people feel relaxed, contributing to their well-being.


How our minds perceive our environment is closely related to our ability to heal. If we feel safe, comfortable, and certain that our surroundings can cater for our needs, our minds are calmer and our bodies are better able to focus on recovering. We bear this in mind at every step of the execution of our spaces.


Efficient, progressive and designed to fuel creative and innovative thinking, our environments are at the cutting edge of healthcare design. We are constantly exploring new ideas in a variety of subject matter, from architecture to psychology to ensure that our work caters to the well-being of both patients and medical personnel.



Our skilled and experienced team is capable of delivering a full spectrum of professional architectural services, from project appraisal and definition, to concept design, design development, technical documentation provision, contract management and construction supervision. In-house, value added services include interior design, 3D animation and green building assessments.

We are governed by clearly delineated management structures, which provide clear lines of responsibility and communication. Every project is assigned to a senior project architect, who is supported by a specialised team of architects and technicians. While this team is responsible for the project from initiation to completion, it is overseen by HDG management, who regularly monitor and review projects to ensure they are being developed according to the highest professional standards.


We investigate, guide, analyse, suggest, give options, solve and anticipate problems for our clients in order for them to execute their goal or grow their businesses.


We aim to create building designs that are flexible and adaptable, and that suit potential future needs. We prioritise the use of sustainable building materials that are either recycled or locally manufactured, and are renewable. Floor-to-floor heights are optimised, and the linear perimeter skin of buildings is minimised in an effort to use less building material and to reduce areas that would require maintenance.


HDG offers a comprehensive management service as part of its broad-based architectural contributions. This service highlights our expertise in design, placemaking as well as project delivery, helping to contribute to the long-term success of our projects. Our management services are always customised to suit our clients’ unique healthcare needs.


HDG typically acts the principal consultant on the design team of projects. This helps us to ensure that our clients consistently receive superior design quality, innovative technological excellence, a sound investment delivered on time and within budget. All our projects demonstrate our commitment to design excellence, business integrity, and the development of environmentally appropriate solutions.



HDG Staff embrace the ever-changing business environment and provide excellence of service to our Clients. HDG Staff is experienced, educated and well versed in delivering the full spectrum of professional Architectural services – ranging from Appraisal and Definition of a Project to Concept Design, Design Development, Technical Documentation to Contract Management and Construction Supervision. In-house value added services include Interior Design, 3D Animation and Green Building Assessment.


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